GSM Multi-Function Remote Control And Monitoring System (Model: GSM-220)



  • - Operation Voltage: 12VDC

  • - Operating Current: Max. 300mA, typically 35mA

  • - Number Of I/O: 2 Dry Contact Input, 2 Relay Output

  • - Relay Contacts Capacity: NC: 1A@24VDC, NO: 2A@120VAC/24VDC

  • - GSM Frequency: GSM900/1800Mhz (Optional GSM850/900/1800/1900Mhz)

  • - Humidity: Less Than 80% RH

  • - Operating Temperature: -20°C to 55°C

  • - Casing: DIN Rail Casing

  • - Physical Casing Dimension: 88mm X 72mm X 59mmOperation voltage 12 Volt DC, Max. 300 mA, typically 35 mA.


Product Details

This system incorporates 2 digital inputs, they can be set to give alarm when a short circuit or when they break, you have here the opportunity to make delay of alarms by up to 6553 seconds. The unit will also let you know when an alarm disappears. Alarms can be given in the form of text messages and or call for administrators. The relays can also be controlled by alarms on input, so you have the opportunity to use them for different control purposes.

2 relays Max. 24 Volt 1 Amp. with NC / NO function; the relays can be controlled via calls to the device, via text messages and alarms from temperature part as well as digital input.

The unit also includes AC Loss alarm, it will send alarm to the administrator if a power failure occurs, the alarm can be delayed with Max. 6553 seconds, the alarm can be given as SMS and or call, and by activating relays.

The device is equipped with 7.2 Volt Lion backup battery, it will keep the unit running in 6-10 hours when the battery drops below 20% it will notify administrators such via SMS.

The unit can have up to 5 administrators who want to get alarms, and will be able to make the programming of the unit, these administrators can be changed via SMS messages.

All administrator always has full access to the device.

For service personnel, they can use the device for the temporary Administrator rights by sending the SMS with the device's password so that you will obtain administrator rights for 10 minutes, very useful for installers, etc.

Power supply 12 Volt DC