Engrave-It Pen Kit (Model: D-AC8)

 Engrave-It Pen Kit


What Is Engrave-It

The engrave it pen marks your property with a nifty needle point, and you can write anything you wish, on anything. It also come with some cute flower and heart stencils, so if you are a little bit crafty you can personalize away your cups and glasses to your hearts content, as well as steal-proof your valuables. And at such a low price, if it turns out to be tat, no one loses out.


Works just like a pen

Hold the Engrave-It like you would a pencil, with your thumb over the control button. Press the control button in with your thumb. Applying slight pressure, press tool down on surface to be engraved. Hold it at a slight angle (like you would a pencil). to turn off simply release thumb pressure from control button.
Safe and easy to use. Works just like a pen. Engrave your child's lunch box or guard against theft by engraving your MP3 player. Engrave ornaments, silver pieces, lockets, rings and more. Great arts and crafts fun for the whole family. Personalize your keepsakes, Engrave It is an inexpensive alternative to costly engraving services



  • - Protect Your Valuables

  • - Instantly Identify Things That Belong To You

  • - Uniquely Personalize Your Valuables

  • - Works On Almost Any Surface

  • - Cordless And Easy To Use

  • - Powerful Yet Safe To The Touch

  • - Inexpensive Alternative To Engraving Services

  • - Includes Mistake-Proof Stencils - Great For Crafts



  • - Dimensions:26.8*12.2*3.5 cm

  • - Weight:135 g


What's Included

  • - 1 x Engrave It Engraving Tool

  • - 1 x Bonus Replacement Tip

Engrave-It Pen Kit

Engrave-It Pen Kit

Engrave-It Pen Kit

Engrave-It Pen Kit

Engrave-It Pen Kit